Book cover of gallienus zoo séries
  • Book cover of gallienus zoo séries


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THE reference book on the coins of Emperor Gallienus  that so-called "zoo séries" - Preface by J.M. Doyen. Pocket size - small price - indispensable!

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Note that my HD picture show defects that are often invisible in hands. However, if you are still not sure, and if no video is included in the description, ask me for one. This will give you a better idea of the coin you will receive! request a video

The book on Gallienus's coins which allows to reference his coins in order to establish a quotation (in €) and an extremely reliable rarity index (based on all published hoard and sales archives)

-188 pages including 55 plates (compared to 152 pages including 31 plates in the 2017 edition)
- Plates including 10 plates of imitation and fraud
- Numerous illustrations & enlargements
- New releases
- Rarity indices on 8 levels calculated on 11066 coins only from the bestiary series and fully legible (compared to 10050 on the 2017 edition).
- Consultation guide in English and French
- Correspondence table with the different busts codings
- 31 types
- 40 illustrated busts
- Each item in the catalogue is accompanied by a sketch of the bust, a rarity index and the exact number of copies found.
- All references known by less than 6 copies (i.e. "unique" or "R4" coins), the origin of each copy found is listed.
- Price guide expressed in euros for a single state of preservation (APC) and made taking into account the bust and the rarity of the coin.
- preface Jean Marc Doyen.


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