GETA - Denier - trophy and captives - rare hybrid/ imitation - superbe style !

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Note that my HD picture show defects that are often invisible in hands. However, if you are still not sure, and if no video is included in the description, ask me for one. This will give you a better idea of the coin you will receive! request a video

Denarius of GETA

Mint : unknown, denarius made by Roman counterfeiters

P SEPT GETA CALS PO[NT], Bust of Geta, laureate, draped, right

PART MAX [PON TR P] V COS I, Two captives, seated back to back, mourning, left and right of central trophy

Diameter : 17mm

Weight : 3,36gr

Axis : 6h

Books : RIC - ; Cohen -

Silver is a bit porous. Rare hybrid ancient imitation, with a reverse of Caracalla. This coins is not a fourrée. Interesting, unlisted and unusual coin.


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